CfP is go!

OggCamp is an unconference about free and open source topics; software, hardware, culture … we love it all! Except that this unconference also has a scheduled track, to get the ball rolling. We have a fairly geeky slant, but that’s more about the people than the topics: if it’s free like freedom then we’re very probably interested. OggCamp is the ideal home for both talks and attendees that are “too quirky” for another conference - we’re unashamedly inclusive!

If you have been to a BarCamp or an Open Spaces event, then you have an idea of what lies ahead. If not: the event is made by the people who attend and who participate. We’re pre-arranging a small portion of that participation by inviting advance talk submissions that will feature on the “scheduled track” at the event.

Talks will be 25 or 50 minutes long, with or without questions (you decide). Past events have had an eclectic mix of talks, which perfectly suits our equally eclectic audience. If you have a project, idea or anything else to share - please pitch it to us!

Here are some real talk titles given at the event in previous years: - ColorHug - The Open Hardware Colorimeter - - Promoting Creative Commons Music - Forking Hardware! - Open Publishing - GPIO Zero - Physical computing with Raspberry Pi - Building a LED Disco Dance Floor - Intro to TLS - Build your own Mobile Network

And remember: it’s an unconference, so if we somehow overlook your brilliance during the CfP process, then bring the talk idea and see if anyone else is interested enough to vote your session onto the schedule anyway! Many of our most memorable talks have arrived this way.

Got an idea for a great talk? Submissions are open now here